Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Once More Unto the Breech

Over at Michelle Malkin we are finding out more and more about 8 so called Republicans (aka RINO's) who voted for this Cap and Trade garbage. Digging further into this she, and other bloggers, have found that many of the 8 have received donations from many of those PaC's who were pushing hardest for this ugly bill. If you feel the need jump over to Michelle's page, the link is on the right, and read more about what is going on with this garbage bill and those who would rather support a bill for an unproven theory than side with those who know that this bill is pure garbage and will cause more trouble financially for the general American citizen.

On a local note I have found out, and once again Michelle has the jump on this too, that Al Franken will become Minnesota's newest Senator. Same old Circus act just a new clown in the clown car. Franken has no Political background other than being a hack for George Soros and furthermore he has not resided in Minnesota for years. He came back here just long enough to declare himself a citizen of the state in order to run against the other clown Norm Coleman. In the military we have a phrase for this type of's called SNAFU.