Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Health Care Reform and The Cap and Trade Idiocy

“It’s clearly a very difficult issue. … You go to the public to ask them what they think and they don’t like it,” said Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., referring to recent polling. A compilation of four recent polls reviewed at the session showed at least 59 percent of the public opposed to taxing health care benefits to “pay for reform,” and as many as 70 percent." (HT Founding Bloggers)

Of course the general populace is going to have an issue with ANOTHER Trillion dollar bill that will permit the Federal Government to intrude into our daily lives. Senator Conrad you are an idiot of the first order. The general population does not want another trillion dollar debt thrown upon them for something that we are better suited to take care of ourselves. Get back to the business of running this country and the more pressing issues of a Nuclear armed, terrorist supporting country like Iran instead of trying to tell us that you know better than we do about how to run our lives. I stopped needing a baby sitter 30+ years ago.

Cap and Trade is another nightmare bill that the idiots, both Democrat and Republicans, allowed to pass. Not only did they allow it to pass but the majority of them never even READ the 300+ pages of bills and the amendments attached to it. Jimmie Bise over at American Issues Project (HT Michelle Malkin) has one of the many problems that this Cap and Trade debacle brings to the table. Ladies and gentlemen if you think that you have too much government in your lives already go read this nightmare of a bill and this section in particular.

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