Monday, May 10, 2010

The Weekly Rant

As previously stated I am going to make changes to this blog and this is the start. Each Monday I will attempt to bring a weekly rant to the table and today is the first so here we go.

The topic for today's rant is Iran and it's nuclear ambitions.

Ok so Israel has nukes so why can't Iran level the playing field? Well one simple reason is that Israel is a bit more stable and sensible in it's governmental responsibilities than some of the people in charge of Iran. To be quite honest though I would trust the Mullah's more so than I would trust the dingbats that are in charge of Pakistan and India. At least we know where we stand with Iran but Pakistan is almost always in a state of flux in regards to our relationship with them and well India and Pakistan just plain hate each other and would not hesitate to drop a nuke on the other if they could do so without any type of retaliation.

Iran on the other hand we know hates our guts but it's people hate the current leadership so we can work around the hate. Iran also knows that it hasn't to worry only about Israel but many other nations that are also nuclear armed and I am not just talking about the US either. Britain, France and others also support Israel and are also nuclear armed. Iran may hate our guts and may want to wipe Israel off the map but I do not honestly believe they would be so stupid as to actually use a nuclear weapon on Israel or any other country.

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