Tuesday, June 22, 2010

General McChrystal and the Rolling Stone Article

Let me first say that I have the utmost respect for General Stanley McChrystal. Gen. McChrystal is the commander of the war in Afghanistan and in my opinion is doing a helluva job with it. That being said however I must ask.....WTF WERE YOU THINKING GENERAL?

No matter that the comments you made in this forth coming article in Rolling Stone magazine were done amongst you and those closest to you they were made in the presence of a reporter. Said reporter works for a very widely distributed magazine and said magazine is an unabashed supporter of the CINC whom you work for. Did you forget the UCMJ and the laws that govern the US Military also apply to you General? Good Lord General at least wait until you are officially retired to utter such comments. You may have just shot yourself in the foot with the comments General and I wish you luck in whatever you do in your retirement because most likely that is where you are headed.

I admire you for uttering your comments General and I still respect the hell out of you and what you have done. Hell I respect you more for making those comments but had it been anyone else you would have strung them up and hung them out to dry for insubordination so the least that you can do now is offer your resignation. We need to ensure that EVERY soldier knows that the UCMJ applies to the 4 star Generals as well as the buck Privates.