Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Open Letter to the NAACP

In regards to the article linked below

I can only offer this......

Dear Sir/Ma'am,             
        So now that you have condemned those elements within the Tea Party organization that you accuse of racism when are you going to do the same with the New Black Panther Party? They are more violent and racist than any member of the Tea Party movement. Those within the Tea Parties that are true and faithful to the Tea Party cause are not the ones who hold those signs you have pictured nor those who uttered any racial slurs. By the way where is your proof that any racial slurs were cast upon John Lewis or anti gay slurs used towards Barney Frank? You and your liberal friends in the media have no proof that any of this was said because it was not said at all. The NAACP has no more purpose in today's world and yet you attempt the tired old line of racism to keep your organization prominent in the news. Why not be fair and impartial and admit that some of the worst racists in this country are those amongst your organization and those who purport to trumpet the cause of the poor and downtrodden African American community. People like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who claim to be helping and yet they help very little until it is time to call out the white community for racism. It is then that you will hear the voices of Jesse and Al loudest and once the issue dies down they go back into their own world until called upon again. Your own organization is racist and one only need look at the name to know this to be true. The NAACP is a hypocritical racist organization that should now close the doors and allow an organization that truly will do what the NAACP purports to do.

Apparently the two men from the New Black Panther Party mentioned in the Washington Times article are not racists at all but merely the representation of the poor and downtrodden African American community.

Yep they are not racists at all they just want to kill some Saltine Crackas. (Sarcasm Intended)

From the Foxhole
The Grunt