Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Left Wing Hypocrisy in Action

It would seem that the left wing does not enjoy people actually putting actions to their thoughts.

Case in point.....The current Obamacare uprising that has many people protesting about the finanacial cost of this program amidst other concerns about Obamacare. From Michelle Malkin comes the following video clip...

This is ACORN and the left wings version of peaceful counter protests. They get in your face and throw out insults and variations of threats etc. The left wing just cannot seem to understand that despite their success with getting their "Messiah" elected to the office of President there are a rising number of people who are fed up with his fiscal irresponsibility and his desire to force such policy as his attempted takeover of health care upon us. The sad thing is that the left wing had no issue with demonizing President Bush while he was in office and yet when the tables are turned they are the first to scream foul and forget what they did. These Tea Party protests are, for the most part, peaceful demonstrations by people who are tired of the shenanigans of the political aristocracy in Washington D.C. Rather than engage in a peaceful counter demonstration or debate the left wing accuses these protesters of being well funded right wing shills who are using D.C. based lobbyists, and right wing funding to help further their agenda. Meanwhile the left wing uses the same tactics to fund their counter to the Tea Party protests. They use D.C. based lobbyists as well as the backing of organizations such as ACORN, AARP, SEIU and other well funded left leaning organizations. Please go pay a visit to Michelle Malkin's page for more information on the shenanigans of the liberal left wings attacks on the Tea Party protesters.

The following link is of a video that shows the true arrogance and ignorance of our elected D.C. politicians. (Hat Tip to Hot Air) Pay attention to the gentlemen in the front row with the hat on. He calls out the politician on how the D.C. political machine can push through health care reform faster than it took President Obama to find a dog for his girls.

On a side note please go to the following link and volunteer to honor one of the many victims who died on 9/11/2001. This date is fast approaching and we are in need of many volunteers to honor these people.

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