Thursday, August 13, 2009

Outrage and the Loony Left

So the loony left has been whining and is "outraged" over the photo of President Obama made up to look like the Joker as played by the late actor Heath Ledger.

While I don't approve of the above Photo neither do I approve of the photo below.


The loony left and MSM is feeling outraged and making an issue of such photos of President Obama and yet where was the outrage and media coverage of the Bushitler photos? The MSM is so far in the tank for President Obama it has become a mockery of it's former self.

Courtesy of Michelle Malkin we find that NBC is now selling President Obama tee shirts and fridge magnets.

We might as well rename NBC to OBC (Obama Broadcasting Corp.) seeing as the network is so far in the tank for Obama that anything else no longer matters. The MSM already has a well acknowledged left leaning bias but more and more we are finding out just how far left the MSM has leaned. Whatever happened to objective journalism? Whatever happened to those days when the MSM remained impartial to political parties and stayed out of the obvious choosing of one party over the other? Personal feelings from employees of the MSM are hard to avoid but when major broadcasting and print media outlets show such a serious bias to one particular party and it's obvious agenda where does that leave us?

It used to be that we had little choice as to where we could get our news stories from. Newspapers and the big 3 were our only choice back in the day when I was a child growing up in rural America. Thankfully with the advent of techonology and the many benefits it offers us it is no longer the big 3 and newspapers but rather the millions of news outlets and blogs found on the Internet that we can find news stories that fit our personal needs. The obvious bias of the MSM is slowly becoming a thing of the past as technology forces the old way out and the new methods move in and take over. The current bias of the MSM will soon become a relic of yesterday but unfortunately the loony left will have new ways to broadcast their "outrage".

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