Tuesday, October 20, 2009

In a swift and decisive blow to the usual SEIU thuggery home health care workers in Illinois voted overwhelmingly against joining either AFSCME or the SEIU. (H/T Michelle Malkin) Thanks in large part to Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, who by the way is backed by the SEIU, the unions as well as the state of Illinois attempted to silence opposition to this affront by those who's job is not one they want as much as one that is needed.

The home health care workers that they were attempting to unionize were people who, for the most part, took care of sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and other relatives in their own homes. These are people who through their selflessness brought or kept a member of their family under their roof and cared for them because these people were unable to do so themselves. Rather than drop them off at an institution better equipped to take care of the family member they opted to do it themselves. These are the people that Governor Quinn and his fellow thugs of the SEIU wanted to unionize. Thankfully a number of these people stood up, despite the attempts by the state and unions to silence them, and informed their fellow providers that despite what they might have been told they could vote no to unionizing. In the end that is exactly what they did and overwhelmingly the union plans were stomped into the ground.

SEIU – 293 votes
AFSCME – 220 votes
NO UNION – 1018 votes

To those people I salute you. You stood up to the thuggery and helped to defeat it. I can only hope that other states will see this as an example of what can happen to the thugs when the public is fully informed of what they can and cannot do. As for Governor Quinn, well one can only hope that he will go the way of his predecessor soon and perhaps take his thugs from the SEIU with him.