Monday, December 28, 2009

Wake Up Obama and Company

Who the frock is running the zoo in Washington D.C.? Do any of you idiots have the foggiest of ideas of how the terrorists of the world currently view this country right now? Apparently none of you have a clue about anything right now because once again on a DEMOCRATS watch the so called system failed and damn near fatally. Had it not been for some brave passengers on board the Northwest airlines flight at Detroit and the typically faulty detonator of the genius bomb builder the outcome could have been very horrific. The system of the vaunted Department of Homeland Security failed because the idiotic would be bomber was on a watch list and his own FATHER warned us about his sons radical Islamic nature!!! How in the blue hell does this guy slip through the cracks of our system and is allowed to board an aircraft that is entering US airspace when he is supposedly on a terror WATCH list? Hey Secretary Napolitano it's time to wake up and smell the cow pies in your own backyard and realize that your vaunted system is broken and in dire need of some repair. You need to realize this pretty damn quickly Madam Secretary before the next attempt is made and possibly the next fatal 9/11 attack.

From the HQ: The Grunt
(HT: Michelle Malkin)