Saturday, December 5, 2009

Time to go off on a Rant

I'm still in the US Military and what I say here, if read by anyone in a position of authority over me, could cause problems for me. I DON'T CARE. I am fed up with the bullshit going on in D.C. and around the rest of the United States.

Who the hell is leading this country and where are we headed? We kowtow to known terrorist supporting regimes and level empty threats at them if they do not stop with their nuclear program. Yes I am referring to Iran here. Does anyone really think that Iran will back down and say "Oh so sorry we will stop our nuclear program right now" and then do just that? If you believe that I got some ocean front property in Kansas to sell you. Iran is no more going to back down to empty threats than North Korea will. In short it ain't going to happen people so get a grip on reality and face the cold truth that something more serious may need to be done and done soon.

Next topic for the rant......

3 US Navy SEALS captured a high value target (HVT) in Iraq and somewhere along the line he came away with a fat lip. Not a black eye, not any broken ribs but a FAT LIP. Now these 3 heroes who caught the man behind the murders of 4 Blackwater civilian contractors in 2004 are facing a court martial because this murdering HVT got a fracking FAT LIP. It is not even known that the SEALS did this to him since he was in Iraqi custody for a short time and they could have just as easily done this to him. It is in the al-Qaeda handbook on how to use our fear and loathing of torture and prisoner abuse against us. Smash your head into a wall while in the custody of the US Military and claim they did this to you. Scream bloody murder about how your religious beliefs are being crushed by the US Military and watch the loony liberal left go all ape shit. Oh but let some civilian contractors be killed and have their bodies hung from a bridge and the bastards of the liberal left are notoriously silent. Who the frack is leading our troops and how does this bode for our military personnel. Now with the so called 9/11 mastermind about to receive a civilian trial in New York city and with all the world as his stage he will rant about what was done to him whether real or imagined and he and his 4 cohorts will be able to use the grandest stage of the world's media as his platform to urge his fellow jihadists to continue the work he helped to start. Now with 3 US Navy SEALS about to be Court Martialed for doing their jobs are we to begin to read those HVT's we capture their Miranda rights? If that becomes the case then I suspect we will see alot more DOA's of our high value targets and we will begin to see a decline in the enlistment of people into our military forces. Thanks to the loony liberal idiots our world is going to come crashing down in a big way and the change starts at the top. Yes now it is time for President Obama to put the brakes on this insane policy making and let the US do what it does best and screw what the rest of the world may think.