Monday, December 20, 2010

The Great Memorial Scam of Broadway Virginia

Now comes the great memorial scam of Broadway VA. It seems certain members of the Broadway community, namely Lowell Fulk, John Skelly and others have formed a group titled "Friends of the Bucky Anderson Memorial" and are soliciting donations for a NEW memorial. Ok now let me ask some questions in regards to this group.......

1) Is this group a legal and documented non-profit group like Clayton Murwins organization?

2) Will the people have full and unfettered access to the accounting of EVERY dollar brought in and spent by this organization?

3) Is Bucky the only military veteran worthy of this memorial or will other names be displayed as prominently as SPC Anderson's?

4) Are the citizens of Broadway willing to be duped by an organization with such shady characters as Lowell   Fulk and John Skelly involved in it?

5) Can the citizens of Broadway truly afford to donate more money for ANOTHER memorial when one is already done?

The people of Broadway Virginia should take a real long hard look at this group that is soliciting donations and ask themselves the above questions. Hold this new group to the same standards that you have held Clayton Murwin too and do not let this group push you around just because of who may or may not belong to it. Broadway need not allow this to gain any foothold if it seems that the "Friends" group is running a quick scam. DEMAND a full accounting of EVERY dime taken in AND spent by this group. One would think that with a failed politician and a former teacher/B&E expert, in this "Friends" group that the money will not be spent with the intent stated in the name. The name alone is enough to raise red flags across the board.

Now the game is afoot and one has only to wait and see if the citizens of Broadway Virginia will fall for this scam or will it be brought to a screeching halt.