Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fire in the Hole

What is it with people who's only desire is to bring down the name and work of a man who's intentions are not what they perceive them to be? Margaret Anderson and John Skelly are you 2 so hell bent on destroying Clayton Murwin that you will go to any lengths to slander, defame, or just plainly spout half truths in order to get your fictional version of the facts out to the public? You have succeeded in getting the school board to reverse the decision made earlier this year in regards to the location of where the memorial will be. The school board of Broadway VA has shown themselves to be weak kneed jellyfish who will bow to whatever winds blow strongest in order to keep certain people happy. I would seriously recommend to Clayton Murwin that he seek legal counsel and begin proceedings on those who have done nothing but smear his name across the Broadway VA region. People like John Skelly who would break the law in order to make a point about a non issue such as the errors on the base of Clayton's memorial. Do any of you people in Broadway find it odd that John Skelly was never charged with a crime that many of us have seen proof that he commited? Broadway VA is more interested in feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys rather than sit down and work out the most troublesome issues of the memorial project.

Margaret Anderson you are a Gold Star mother and the mother of SPC Bucky Anderson the soldier in who's name this memorial by Clayton Murwin would have been dedicated. You have my deepest condolences for your loss ma'am.

Ok now that I have that out of the way.....Margaret Anderson you are a bitter old harpy who thinks you are somebody so important and that your status as a Gold Star mother entitles you to do whatever you wish where this memorial is concerned. You have succeeded in convincing people that your version of the truth is the real deal and anyone else who disagrees with you is wrong. You have attempted to silence your most vocal critics and when that failed you went above them to their supervisors. Fortunately that too has failed as their are many many more who know of this issue and we will begin to let the world know just what kind of bullshit game is being played in Broadway VA. You throw your weight around as if you are the queen of the town when in reality you are nothing more than a bitter old woman who is merely a shell of what many Gold Star mothers around this nation are. Do you think you are the only one in your part of Virginia who has lost a son? You are not the only one yet you act as if your loss is greater than any of the others who live in your part of Virginia. Have you given any thought to the hurt and pain you are causing to any other Gold Star mother who may have wanted this monument for what it truly is? It is a monument to all the local fallen soldiers from Broadway VA and the surrounding area not your own personal little project of sabotage against Clayton Murwin. Your a bitter old harpy who's only goal is to make someone else suffer and feel the pain of your loss. Little do you realize Margaret that the only person you will be hurting when all is said and done on this issue is yourself. I hope it feels good knowing that you are not only dragging your own family name through the Virginia mud but the memory of SPC Bucky Anderson will also be tarnished by the actions you and your pal John Skelly have perpetrated on the town of Broadway VA.

John Skelly my words to you would be that you watch what you say today for those words and your actions may come back to bite you on the ass in the not so distant future. You have proven that you are not above breaking the law to get what you want and then crow about your success when in reality you will be proven the fool. Someone with your suspected misdeeds from the past should be quiet and stay out of an issue that does not concern you. Unless you have information that is pertinent to the memorial and it's design sit the f#ck down and stay the hell out of what does not concern you junior.

If the entire issue of this memorial is the fact that Clayton placed 2 markers indicating who was responsible for  this memorial get the f#ck over it!!!!! It happens all the time outside of Broadway VA. It is done so people know who was behind the drive to get such things done and placed in the location they are in. The Legion, VFW and other military organizations do it all the time. It's not that big of a deal to any normal person. I guess Margaret Anderson and John Skelly do not qualify as normal though. One is a bitter old woman and the other is a suspected B&E expert.

To the people of Broadway VA I ask you this......
Are you willing to shell out even more money all for the selfishness of one bitter old woman and a former teacher who was removed from his job due to a suspected inappropriate relationship with one of his students? Do either of these 2 people and those who support them really have the facts and full truth of the issue? I somehow doubt it. Think about the scar that will remain with your community if you permit the actions of a few to go forward. Think about all those who read the various blogs on which this issue has appeared and how they can impact the community in which you live. Is the community of Broadway VA really willing to risk the good name of their town just to cause unnecessary harm to a man who's intentions were nothing but the best?