Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ready To Help Make a Difference?

An anonymous person has donated the funds necessary to correct the issues on the Veterans monument located in Broadway VA.

Here is the Cliff Notes version to an issue going on in the town of Broadway VA. Please take the time and donate if you can.

Clayton Murwin, aka "Hero Maker", is a struggling comic book artist who wanted to honor the fallen heroes from his community after SPC Bryan "Bucky" Anderson was killed this summer.  He immediately went to work raising money and making preparations for the memorial.  Unfortunately, people completely unrelated to either the Anderson's or Clayton got involved and derailed the idea.  They hijacked the process and made baseless accusations that polarized the community and destroyed Clayton's reputation.  However, Clayton never lost faith. He had numerous opportunities to just give up and call it quits, but he was resilient and refused to give in to the hatred and rhetoric swirling around his town.

Unfortunately, the memorial has been plagued with problems that were beyond Clayton's control.  There were delays in production and delivery and last minute changes demanded by some in the community.  When the base of the monument finally arrived last week, there were spelling errors on it - the last thing that Clayton needed.  And his critics seized the opportunity for another "I told you so." 

This is where you can make a difference.  Clayton was approached by a friend  upon hearing about the problems with the base to help fix it.  Clayton's friend asked him to look into various options for fixing the errors and come back to him with a cost.  Some in the community think that this is all an attempt by Clayton for self promotion.  Clayton's friend can tell you that is simply not the case and would stake his reputation on it.

Clayton cannot raise more money in the community.  This project has become too much of a lightning rod so Clayton's friend offered to help.  He is absolutely positive that his friends and family here along with the blogging community can come together and help fix the mistakes on this memorial to honor our fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice to secure our wonderful American way of life. 

Here's the deal, we need to raise exactly $1,317.35 which is the total cost to repair it.  These repairs involve completely shaving the front and back and re-sandblasting the corrections. It will have to be there by Monday of next week and they said they can get it ready before Christmas!  However, they will have to pay for the corrections when they pick it up.  So, we have about three weeks to raise the money.  Whether you can give $1317 or just $.35, every bit can help.  And here's how you can do it.

If you can send money, make the donation checks payable to Heroes Fallen Studios Inc. and at the bottom of the check (memo area) make sure they write "Administrative Account".  Send the check to :

The Law Office of D. Hayden Fisher, Esquire P.L.C.
2401 West Main Street Richmond, Virginia 23220

If you'd like to confirm that your donation has arrived, that it's going where it's supposed to go, or need any other information, here is his contact information:

For obvious reasons, my friend can't publicly use his blog to help with this.  He doesn't want to taint it because he's had some issues with some citizens in Broadway who have been very offensive in attacking Clayton. It's not about anyone or any soldier in particular, it's about honoring our fallen. 

I'm asking you to publish this plea on your profiles, on your blogs, to your email lists, your Twitter, whatever!  Tag your friends in this post (if that's possible).  I'm asking to help by sending $.01, $.10, $1, $10, $100, whatever!  Wouldn't it be great if we could raise that money BEFORE Monday when they take the memorial?  I'm just asking that we raise it before he has to pick it up.  Can you help? Let's show Clayton's critics that there are a LOT of people who support him.

Note:  Heroes Fallen is a non-profit, but not a tax deductible non-profit.  That status is waiting for approval by the government.

(All corrections and subtractions are mine and I am solely responsible for any grammatical errors on this blog)

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