Sunday, December 5, 2010

Picking up on the Broadway VA Issue

The characters involved in this particular drama are as follows.....
Clayton Murwin - Founder of the nonprofit Heroes Fallen. Clayton Murwins Blogsite

C.J. Grisham - Supporter of Clayton Murwin and his Heroes Fallen nonprofit and a very vocal activist for Clayton's Memorial in Broadway Virginia. C.J.'s website  A Soldier's Perspective

John Skelly - Former teacher in Broadway VA who was dismissed from his job for a suspected inappropriate relationship with a student. Furthermore John Skelly is suspected of breaking into a business known as Trans Tech Towing and Repair where the base of the memorial that Clayton had commissioned was being stored in a secure location with a tarp over it. Skelly was caught on video camera scaling the security fence in order to gain access to the base. That folks is called law breaking.

Margaret Anderson - Gold Star Mother (aka Bucky's Mom ..... see C.J.'s blog on this issue for more info) and general gossip type and who now apparently adds blackmail to her repertoire. 

Me - The knuckle dragging, club wielding caveman who is jumping into this fray with eyes wide open and doing so voluntarily in order to make people aware that many others are also aware of this shakedown on Clayton Murwin.

Various members of the Broadway VA Community who are either for or against this memorial for whatever reason. Most of those you shall meet here on this blog are going to be very vocal one way or the other in regards to this issue. Understand that this is MY House and I will choose who gets to become famous (or infamous) on this blog. Keep it respectful and all will be fine. Get crazy stupid and you may not get your chance at infamy. Now onto the show.........

For the full background on this issue please feel free to visit C.J.'s website
A Soldiers Perspective and read about it.

Ok to give you some background on me I am not affiliated with either Clayton Murwin or Broadway VA in anyway. I have no relatives involved with Heroes Fallen or any living in or around Broadway. In short I have no personal relationships involved in this story. My interest comes from people who are sticking their damn noses where they don't belong and they need to have said noses slapped back into place on their collective faces. I am a US Military veteran (11B Infantry US Army) who is proud to support the efforts of those who support Clayton Murwin and his desire to build a memorial to those local soldiers from Broadway VA and the surrounding communities who have died in service to this country. I welcome any comments in regards to the posts made on this blog but as stated above this is MY house and I have the final say so remember that.

The following came to me via sources who shall remain unnamed and what is said in the         e-mail is quite disturbing.

"..... why did yo go by the name as ..... while in mediation, since you are the

spokesman for this orgainization lets talk.  In mediation there is a situation 

that is called a win-win situation.  I f you feel the need to show this to CJ 

Grisham so be it.  The town office nofified me and they will not let this 

memorial go up anywhere in Broadway and you know if you think long and hard 

neither will the school it has to be a community concensus with my permission 

and as of yet that is not going to happen.  I realized all the money has been 

spent or fisher would not be advertising for 1300 dollars to repair this 

memorial and rinker and frye who is doing bucky's headstone would not touch it 

for that price.  If you like Broadway as much as you say you do then lets get 

down to what is wrong.  the community has a committee formed with money already 

to be spent for another memorial but I do not want the people in broadway to 

lose their money on the other one and once this gets out that he needs money to 

repair it that won't happen and you know it.  I am not a vindictive person just 

a grieving mom who wants to protect her son and family.  If the organization 

would turn the memorial over to the committee in Broadway I will acknowledge the 

organization in the media and thank them for what they did.  The only part that 

would be changed is the 2 logos would go in the back.  I hope the organization 

would honor this.  If you could get back to me today I would appreciate this."

The above email came from a woman named Margaret Anderson and it would seem that if      you cannot get your way via other methods, like slandering the good name of Clayton Murwin or even breaking into a secured location for a pic, go with blackmail next. (The only change I made to the above email is the removal of the name to which the email was addressed.)

What Margaret Anderson fails to understand is that first, we have the money for the repairs to the base of the memorial. The full amount was reached in under 12 hours, and it will be  fixed. Just so you folks know this money was raised without ANY assistance from Margaret or the    Broadway community. To quote a friend of mine "Broadway seems to be more intent on          tearing down this man then on honoring the fallen with this memorial." 

Second issue with you Margaret Anderson is that your community has bitched from day one about why is this memorial not being done locally but then you go and mention Rinker & Frye which happens to be a business located OUTSIDE of Broadway and it's immediate vicinity.       That's an oxymoron isn't it Margaret? You folks bitch about it needing to be done locally and  then you name a company that is not local. I guess if you remove the Oxy portion of that word you have the correct word, at least one that I would use, for people like you Margaret. By the way Rinker & Frye would have done the repairs for $0 down and $0 due on delivery or pickup. So they would have done it for FREE but we already have the full amount needed for the          repairs. You may want to get that pot of water boiling Margaret because the crow you are        about to eat will go better if boiled first.

A Non-Profit, like many large Corporations, has a Board of Directors and, like those large       Corporations, you cannot just blindly dictate to a Non-Profit and expect them to jump at what you want done. It's high time the people in Broadway like John Skelly and Margaret Anderson stop trying to cause trouble over nothing. John Skelly, should be charged with Trespassing, at the very least, for his fence climbing activities and Margaret Anderson should stick to the        best of the backyard gossip.

From The Foxhole
The Grunt

(I'm gonna add an addendum due to information I recently received regarding 
Margaret Anderson....... 
I respect the hell out of those parents who lost children in this war but you have 
gone past being deserving of any sort of respect with your attitude on this issue. 
I will honor Bucky for being a kindred soul who died in defense of your right
 to be obstinate on this issue. 
Beyond that I will remove the gloves and not hesitate to call it as I see it. 
I will play the game but I will play it by my rules so play along if you wish
but be ready for me to not play fairly.)

Beware the Infantry for I am a knuckledragging caveman who shall beat you with my club if you anger me.