Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Cheery F'U to the Liberal Tree Hugging Pricks

Who the F Thinks up this Sheeit

(H/T TaH)

Ok so as many of you know I am a Veteran and 100% supporter of any and all things Military as long as it is legal or even questionable but the info contained in the linked article is just sheer madness. The tree hugging left wing Liberal crowd thinks that by screwing over the Veterans and Military Retiree's all will be right in the world and it wold possibly help balance our seriously floundering budget woes. Ok well if you wish to f*ck us over with our health care, which was a guaranteed benefit from the start, how about you fools make up for it with better pay and other benefits. The US Military pay scale is significantly lower than a comparable job in the civilian world. The food tends to suck, the hours are crap and the time away from home and family is atrociously outrageous. If you left wing tree hugging Liberal hippies want to redo our healthcare benefits in order to help balance the budget then I want to renegotiate our entire contract with the United States of America.

1) No more 0 Dark Thirty wake up calls. If you are going to wake me up BEFORE the sun rises it better be because of Daylight Savings Time otherwise I'm sleeping in until 0700

2) No more crap for meals. If prisoners in our jails and prison system can get 3 hots and a cot then I damn sure can have the military version of Perkins Tremendous 12 for breakfast. As for MRE's well feed them to the starving masses in Africa or Asia we'll have the Buffet from Golden Corral for lunch and Supper.

3) No more wars or patrols after 1800. After 1800 it is a declared cease fire until 0900 the following day. This way I can get my beauty sleep. If we must shoot at each other after 1800 I get to take that time off in compensation at a later date of my choosing.

I could go on and on but the idea here is that NOBODY better f*ck with what was guaranteed to us veterans or else they may pay a heavy price for their idiocy. It's a volunteer force for a reason and one of those reasons is the benefits cause it sure as hell is not for the food,pay or hours we work.