Friday, April 8, 2011

Screwed by a Government We are Sworn to Defend

So the very same Government that we are sworn to defend and when necessary give our lives to protect is bending it's own military over the desk and screwing them over with complete disregard for the lives of those in harms way and their families. With our economy fast taking a nosedive from which it has yet to recover significantly, our wages stagnant and not keeping pace with the rising gas and grocery prices, and soldiers already being paid less than a comparable civilian job, these defenders of our freedom are now being denied pay that is rightfully theirs due to the complete and utter ignorance of our politicians.

Our 2 party political system is broken and in dire need of fixing. The members of BOTH of our 2 political parties are nothing more than hacks for the corporate lobbyists and for whatever is best for their own careers whether or not it is the right thing to do. We are in dire need of a political revolution at our ballot boxes and from each and every state. It is time we begin to recall our elected representatives for their failure to do the right thing and uphold the principles of their constituents. This is supposed to be a government OF THE PEOPLE...BY THE PEOPLE...and FOR THE PEOPLE. What this means to me is that they are elected to do the work OF THE PEOPLE and elected BY THE PEOPLE and work FOR THE PEOPLE to get the right things done for us. Instead it is a government run by the almighty dollar that the big corporate lobbyists wave under their collective noses. It's time that WE THE PEOPLE recall them and remind those who would be elected to fill those empty seats of what CAN and WILL happen if they fail to do the right thing. It's time to shrink our bloated and overweight federal government and put it back to what it originally was intended to be and not what the political hacks in D.C. think it should be.

The political hacks in D.C. have f#cked over the wrong people both civilian and military. The US Military has a long and vengeful memory when you mess with our money, our families or our food. I hope that they will not fall for the same brand of bullshit when election time rolls around and they decide to remove the current crop of hacks for someone who hopefully will remember how to do what's right and not just what's right for them.

Bring on the Ballot Box revolution and remove the posers in D.C. who would fail to do their jobs and in the end have failed once again to do what's right.

From the Foxhole
The Grunt