Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Best Kind of Terrorist is a DEAD Terrorist

So tonight we are informed by the Federal Government in D.C. that they have, for the past week, been in possession of a body that they can now confirm through DNA tests is the leader of al-Qaeda, namely Osama bin-Laden. This is indeed good news for this country because we have finally exacted the revenge that was long overdue from the attacks of 9/11/2001. Unfortunately this also means a heightened security state for our troops currently deployed to Afghanistan and other locations throughout the middle east while we await the repercussions from this announcement. Lack of sleep is nothing new for our military as I well know but lack of sleep coupled with the suspicion that some of your local population, or those with whom you work on a daily basis, may become openly hostile and violent makes it even harder. I can only hope that we do not see a repeat of the recent Kabul airport incident where 9 people were killed by a lone Taliban masquerading as an Afghani Air Force pilot.

To those who wish to do the kind of hell that al-Qaeda wreaked upon us on 9/11/2001 I can only say this....beware the United States and her military might. Should you bring harm upon us or anger us we will eventually find you and bring you down and we will spare no expense to bring you to that final day of vengeance that is rightfully ours. It took 10 years to get Osama bin-Laden so if nothing else let that be an abject lesson of our very long memory and our even longer desire for vengeance. To those remaining members of the AQ hierarchy I will say only this....sleep with one eye open for that bump you hear in the middle of the night may be the body of another member of your leadership council dying from excessive ventilation of the cranial region caused by a bullet to the head.