Monday, November 30, 2009

Showtime for President Obama

Time has dragged on and now the time for a decision has finally arrived. President Obama I can only hope the decision you make is the one your military leaders say is needed. General McChrystal has asked for more troops and you have drug your feet on this matter long enough. The time is NOW for the decision and the military you lead is looking to you to make the right call. Troops are needed in Afghanistan and by your own words this is the fight you want to bring to a close with a decisive victory over those who were behind the attacks of September 11th 2001. The only way to achieve this victory is by listening to those who know of which they speak and leaving the desk jockeys to do what they do best which is nothing. There will be plenty of time for the Monday morning quarterbacks to debate the decision you make but know this....if you make the right choice as your military commanders have asked of you then when all is said and done you will achieve that victory and thus be remembered for what you did rather than what you failed to do.

From the Command Post
The Grunt